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Victor SP

The Victor SP is the latest member of the Victor Motor Controller product line. This latest iteration features completely overhauled internals and an innovative case less than half the size of previous models.

The Victor SP was co-developed through a collaborative partnership between VEX Robotics and Cross the Road Electronics and includes many of the enhancements popularized by the Talon SRClick here to learn more about this exciting partnership.

  • Sealed enclosure prevents debris from getting inside

  • Convenient one-touch Brake / Coast Calibration button

  • Compact, lightweight package is ideal for competitive robotics

SKU: 217-9090

Availability: In stock




The Victor SP has been redesigned from the ground up using 15 years of lessons-learned and user feedback from thousands of robotics teams. Exciting features include:

  • Full aluminum case, passive cooling fins, and sophisticated internal components make fans optional
  • Completely sealed enclosure prevents debris from getting anywhere it shouldn't be
  • Electrically insulated components allow for direct controller mounting to a robot frame with no fear of shorting
  • LED indicators blink proportionately to output speed for easier debugging
  • Illuminated "Brake / Coast Calibration" button enables one-touch setting changes and calibration
  • Robust embedded power & output cables will never shake loose during a match
  • Built-in pockets sized for #8 nuts and zip tie grooves make rigid mounting simpler than ever
  • Integrated sign-magnitude synchronous rectification reduces heat generation at full motor stall
  • 15 KHz output switching frequency ensures smooth and precise motor control

PWM Motor Controller Technical Comparison

 Victor 888Talon SRVictor SP
Dimensions 2.70" x 2.21" x 2.10" 2.73" x 1.90" x 1.15" 2.5" x 1.125" x 0.875"
Weight 0.22 lb (without wiring) 0.20 lb (without wiring 
or fan)
0.23 lb (including wiring)
Nominal Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Min/Max Voltage 6-15V 6-28V 6-16V
Continuous Current 60A 60A 60A
Surge Current (2 sec) 150A 100A 100A
PWM Input Pulse (high time) 1 - 2 ms nominal, 
0.87 - 2.14 ms max
1 - 2 ms nominal 1 - 2 ms nominal, 
0.6-2.4 ms max
PWM Input Rate (period) 2.1 - 500 ms 3 - 100 ms 2.9 - 100 ms
PWM Output Chop Rate (Switching Frequency) 1 KHz 15 KHz 15 KHz
Minimum Throttle (Deadband) 5.4% 4% 4%

Tech Specs


Kit Contents Victor SP Motor Controller
Power, Ground, Output, and PWM cables come pre-attached
Downloads & Docs Victor SP & Talon SRX Info Sheet (PDF)
Victor SP Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Outputs Powers brushed DC motors with variable speed forward, reverse, or off.
Can NOT be used with Brushless motors.
Material Type Cast Aluminum
Material Finish Black Anodized for superior performance & heat dissipation
CAD Model 217-9090 (Victor SP) (STEP)
Drawing 217-9090 (Victor SP) (PDF)
Size 2.5" x 1.125" x 0.875"
(63.5mm x 28.6mm x 22.2mm)
Weight 0.23 lb (with wiring)