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Aluminum Wheels

WCP Aluminum Wheels are designed for MAX Performance and Traction!

  • Wheels are 1.5" Wide

  • 1/2" Hex Broached

  • Compatible with Roughtop and Wedgetop

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These aluminum wheel hubs are the tried and true custom wheel of the west coast. Made in the style of those used by teams such as 254, 1323, and 973, this wheel is designed with the intention of wrapping 1.5” wide tread around its perimeter to provide teams with the highest traction in FRC. Unlike plastic wheels, this aluminum hub is near invincible to the intense loads of FRC, and offers the most performance out of any metal wheel on the market. Slide one of these onto a hex shaft and your robot will be driving like the pros.

Tech Specs


Specification Load Rating: Conservatively rated for use on 200 lb robots
Material Type 6061-T6 Aluminum
Finish Black Type III Anodizing
CAD Model WCP-0075 (Aluminum Wheel - 4" OD x 1.5" Tread Width w/ 1/2" Hex) (STEP)
Drawing N/A
Weight WCP-0075 (Aluminum Wheel - 4" OD x 1.5" Tread Width w/ 1/2" Hex): 0.270 lbs