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GT2 Timing Pulleys & Belts

Timing Pulleys for RS 550, 775pro& BAG FRC Motors. Along with GT2/GT3 Compatible belts

  • 3mm Pitch

  • 9mm Width

  • Anodized Aluminum (Black)!

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Synchronous timing belts and pulleys are lighter and can be more efficient than chains and sprockets. Once set up, they require no tensioning or adjustment. These pulleys go hand in hand with GT2 timing belts, and are great for low-load applications.
GT2 timing belts are intended for lower load applications such as the first reduction in a gearbox, or motor to flywheel. GT2 belts use a smaller pitch than HTD belts, which means you can use larger reductions in those tight fit areas of your robot. These belts go hand in hand with GT2 timing pulleys, and are great for low-load applications.

24T/36T/48T/60T pulley sizes added to the collection with ½” hex bores! Perfect for intake rollers and shooters, these pulleys & belts make for an ultra quiet, highly efficient subsystem. Pair them with our 12T pulley pinions and get 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1 ratios or pair with each other to get your reduction right in the sweet spot you need! 

Name Conversions:

  • 3KC-135 = 45T Belt
  • 3KC-150 = 50T Belt
  • 3KC-165 = 55T Belt
  • 3KC-180 = 60T Belt
  • 3KC-210 = 70T Belt
  • 3KC-255 = 85T Belt
  • 3KC-270 = 90T Belt
  • 3KC-300 = 100T Belt
  • 3KC-315 = 105T Belt
  • 3KC-330 = 110T Belt
  • 3KC-345 = 115T Belt
  • 3KC-360 = 120T Belt
  • 3KC-375 = 125T Belt
  • 3KC-420 = 140T Belt
  • 3KC-540 = 180T Belt

Tech Specs


Downloads & Docs "Belt vs. Chain Drive Evaluation" by FRC Team 234 (link goes to Chief Delphi whitepaper)
Material Type Pulleys: 6061 T-6 Aluminum
Timing Belts: Neoprene coated fiberglass tensile cord 
Material Finish Black Anodized
Drawings Motor Timing Pulleys
1/2" Hex Bore Timing Pulleys
CAD Model 217-5872 12t x 9mm Wide Double Flange Aluminum Pulley (GT2 3mm, BAG Motor) (STEP)


WCP-0014 (GT2 (3mm) - 12T, 9mm Double Flange, RS550 Motor Pinion): .010 lbs
WCP-0015 (GT2 (3mm) - 12T, 9mm Double Flange, RS775 Motor Pinion): .009 lbs
WCP-0016 (GT2 (3mm) - 12T, 9mm Double Flange, BAG Motor Pinion): .009 lbs

WCP-0064 (GT2 (GT2 (3mm) - 24T, 9mm Double Flange, 1/2" Hex): 0.016 lbs
WCP-0017 (GT2 (GT2 (3mm) - 36T, 9mm Double Flange, 1/2" Hex): 0.051 lbs
WCP-0018 (GT2 (GT2 (3mm) - 48T, 9mm Double Flange, 1/2" Hex): 0.080 lbs
WCP-0065 (GT2 (GT2 (3mm) - 60T, 9mm Double Flange, 1/2" Hex): 0.120 lbs

WCP-0066 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 45T, 9mm Wide): .lbs
WCP-0056 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 50T, 9mm Wide): .lbs
WCP-0067 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 55T, 9mm Wide): .lbs
WCP-0057 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 60T, 9mm Wide): .lbs
WCP-0058 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 70T, 9mm Wide): .lbs
WCP-0059 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 85T, 9mm Wide): .lbs
WCP-0068 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 90T, 9mm Wide): .lbs 
WCP-0060 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 100T, 9mm Wide): .lbs
WCP-0069 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 105T, 9mm Wide): .lbs 
WCP-0061 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 110T, 9mm Wide): .lbs
WCP-0062 (Timing Belt (GT2 3mm) - 120T, 9mm Wide): .lbs