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How To: Gears

Basic Properties: 4140  Steel (Annealed) 7075 - T6 Aluminum 6061 - T6 Aluminum
Density 0.283 lb/in³ 0.102 lb/in³ 0.0975 lb/in³
Tensile Strength (Ultimate) 95 KSI 76 KSI 45 KSI
Tensile Strength (Yield) 60.5 KSI 67 KSI 40 KSI
% Elongation 26% 11% 12%
Weight Comparison 1 LB .358 LB .341 LB

-Sources: McMaster and MatWeb 

-WCP uses 7075 - T6 to provide lighter gears than Steel (about 1/3 the weight) , but still decently stronger than regular 6061 Aluminum.

General Gear Information:

  • Gears are normally .500" wide (Unless otherwise specified).
  • Gears also have a protrusion, a tiny nub on both sides of the gear (Unless otherwise specified).
  • Gear will come anodized (Type III), used to harden the gear and prevent corrosion.
  • Gears will have a teflon coating on them. 
  • The nub is designed to butt up against the face of the bearing, this elimates the need for a spacer and reduces part count.
  • WCP highly suggests using the grease mentioned below:
    • DuPont (Dry-Grease) - McMaster (#8710T35)
  • The normal recommended rule of thumb for FRC robots is +.003 spacing between gears.
  • These gears have a modified tooth profile to compensate for anodizing.
  • WCP recommends:
    • For a single stage gearbox (custom): +.000 - +.001 backlash
    • For any other gearboxes: +.002 - +.003 is recommended.