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HTD Timing Belts, 9mm Width

Assortment of HTD profile synchronous timing belts made from neoprene and fiberglass tensile cord.

  • 9mm width

  • 5mm pitch

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Synchronous timing belts require no tension adjustments, are lighter, and have a higher level of efficiency than chain. The 5mm HTD profile is perfect for FRC applications - its deep tooth profile allows it to better handle high reversing loads, such as those found in an FRC drivetrain.

VEXpro belts are fabricated using industry leading timing belt methods. The neoprene body insulates against grease or other wear & tear, and fiberglass tensile cords provide increased strength, flex life, and resistance to elongation.

Tech Specs


Downloads & Docs "Belt vs. Chain Drive Evaluation" by FRC Team 234 (link goes to Chief Delphi whitepaper)
Specification HTD pitch: 5mm
Width: 9mm
Material Type Neoprene coated fiberglass tensile cord
Drawing All VEXpro HTD Belts
Weight 217-3293 (Timing Belt - 60T, 9mm Wide): 0.02 lb
217-3455 (Timing Belt - 70T, 9mm Wide): 0.03 lb
217-3456 (Timing Belt - 80T, 9mm Wide): 0.03 lb
217-3457 (Timing Belt - 90T, 9mm Wide): 0.03 lb
217-3458 (Timing Belt - 100T, 9mm Wide): 0.04 lb
217-3459 (Timing Belt - 104T, 9mm Wide): 0.04 lb
217-3460 (Timing Belt - 110T, 9mm Wide): 0.04 lb
217-3461 (Timing Belt - 120T, 9mm Wide): 0.05 lb
217-3462 (Timing Belt - 130T, 9mm Wide): 0.05 lb
217-3463 (Timing Belt - 140T, 9mm Wide): 0.06 lb
217-3464 (Timing Belt - 150T, 9mm Wide): 0.06 lb
217-3465 (Timing Belt - 160T, 9mm Wide): 0.07 lb
217-3466 (Timing Belt - 170T, 9mm Wide): 0.07 lb
217-3467 (Timing Belt - 180T, 9mm Wide): 0.07 lb
217-3468 (Timing Belt - 200T, 9mm Wide): 0.08 lb
217-3469 (Timing Belt - 225T, 9mm Wide): 0.09 lb
217-3470 (Timing Belt - 250T, 9mm Wide): 0.11 lb

How To


Timing Belt Length Calculator:

 If set up correctly, VEXpro timing belts require no tension adjustment once assembled into a drivetrain or other mechanism. Use the West Coast Products center-to-center distance calculator to ensure your robot is properly designed and you know exactly what to order.