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WPC MCC Robot 2017


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What is MCC?

A Minimum Competitive Concept (aka MCC) is a robot specifically engineered to be a valuable asset to any alliance, while still being simple and accessible to any team, regardless of experience or resources. The WestCoast Products 2017 MCC robot is designed with the intent of ensuring teams have a greater chance of not only being chosen for an alliance in the elimination rounds, but also leading their own alliance as a part of the top 8 seeds.  

Why did we (WCP) make an MCC?

Because FIRST StreamWorks is hard. This is a game where teams without years of experience and resources can easily get left behind, and it is WestCoast Products’ goal to provide these teams a way of achieving success both on and off the field through proven and tested concepts. Every year we end up seeing teams performing beneath their capabilities because of small strategic oversights, use of underperforming COTS parts, and most commonly, a lack of design experience. We want to break the mold and show that teams can build a competitive robot in a matter of days without breaking the bank or having anything more than hand tools and commonly accessible machines.  

MCC 2017 - Breaking Through The Steam 

In order to decide what style of robot would best universally compliment any alliance, our engineers conducted a thorough strategic analysis of FIRST Steamwork from the point of view of every kind of team imaginable, from the high performing veterans to the clueless yet excited rookies. Our findings, alongside invaluable input from some of the pros of FRC (seen below), led us to the conclusion that the best minimum competitive concept would be a robot that could passively grab gears from the loading station, score them, hang robustly, and all the while use the extra space to have a hopper that could quickly load and dump into the low goal.  Armed with this information, our crew designed and built the WCP MCC 2017 robot in five days. We are confident that this robot will be a fantastic addition to any alliance.

What do the Pro's think?

  • Mason Markee, FRC 118 "To get this most success out of FIRST Steamworks, alliances need teamwork more than many games in the past. Even when two great teams pair together at an event, they will struggle to get all of the available bonus points without help from an offensive third alliance partner.  When trying to score gears, the longest step is moving gears all the way across the field. An incredible second round pick would be able to receive gears from the human player, move them across the field, and either score them on a peg or feed them to a partner. An ideal second round pick should be able to absorb balls from the hoppers and HP stations and be able to feed them into their partners. If a robot could reliably climb the rope, they would elevate to very high on a second round pick list."
  • Karthik Kanagasabapathy, FRC 1114 Lead Mentor 2004-2016 "FIRST Steamworks is a multifaceted game with lots of discrete tasks for teams to focus on. The biggest trap in games like this is for a team to try and do everything. I'd rather do 3 things at a 10/10 level instead of 5 things at a 6/10 level. Further more, this is an efficiency game. None of the individual tasks are extremely hard, especially in comparison to past games, but the key to success in this game is executing those tasks as efficiently as possible. It's all about shaving time off your cycles. Focusing on a simple design like the one offered by the MCC will allow you to finish your robot sooner and have more time for practice, tweaking, and iterative upgrades. That's precisely how you shave seconds and improve efficiency."
  • Travis Covington, FRC 254 "An ideal MCC robot in our eyes is a robot that can effectively shuttle gears, low goal score or dump balls in to a partner and hang. Most teams should be able to accomplish some of these things well, but a robot that can do all of these things well will go far. "
  • Mike Corsetto, FRC 1678 " 1.  A MCC this year definitely need to human load and score gears.
    2. As always, we will be looking for robust, well practiced, and reliable robots for our alliances.  Simple is better, we just want to see teams do the same thing every match so we know we can depend on them.
    3. No mecanum is a plus :) "
  • Brandon Holley, FRC 125 "Anyone gunning for an eliminations spot better be able to handle gears with speed and precision.  Winning alliances will consist of teams all capable of handling gears.  Fuel points in auto are big, but in teleop for Fuel to be worthwhile, you need to be capable of huge volume output.  Compare this to climbing where, to match the 50 points of a climber, a robot needs to be capable of 150 high goals in teleop!  You better be able to climb if you want to be playing at the end of a tournament..."
  • Adam Heard, FRC 973 "Ideal 3rds in this game will be able to score human loaded gears and always get their hang. Balls are a would be nice, but not necessary."
  • Tom Bottliglieri, FRC 254 "I think defense will play a big role in this year's FRC game. A team shooting to make the playoffs and win events should have a robust drive train which is able to doll out hits to opponent shooting robots. To help with the offensive game plan, a simple gear scoring and hanging mechanism will boost a team's chances of playing late into the afternoon on Saturday."