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The CIM motor can be used to power a drivetrain or other mechanism on large competitive robots.

The Mini CIM has 2/3 the power of a CIM motor, in a similar form-factor and with the same mounting. Similar output speeds allow Mini CIM motors to be combined in mechanisms with full-size CIM motors using the same gearing. Use this motor interchangeably with CIMs in your designs, then swap them in and out to put your power where you need it most.

The BAG Motor is a motor designed specifically for medium-power applications on FRC robots. This motor is constructed similarly to the CIM & Mini CIM, with the sealed-case robustness FRC teams have come to love & trust. The VersaPlanetary was created with the BAG Motor in mind. Use a 100:1 VersaPlanetary Gearbox to turn the BAG Motor into a low-RPM, high-torque gearmotor ready for use in your application.

Tech Specs


Kit Contents

(1) 775pro
(1) CIM Motor
(1) MiniCIM Motor
(1) BAG Motor

Downloads & Docs
Battery In 12V DC

775pro: Output Shaft size: 5mm (0.196in)
CIM & MiniCIM: Output Shaft size:8mm (0.314in) with 2mm keyway
BAG: Output Shaft size:4mm (0.157in)

775pro Specification Free Speed: 18,700 rpm (+/- 10%)
Free Current: 0.7A
Maximum Power: 347 W
Stall Torque: 6.28 in-lbs (0.71 N-m)
Stall Current: 134A
Mounting Holes: (2) M4 tapped holes on a 29mm bolt circle
CIM Specification Free Speed:5,310 rpm (+/- 10%)
Free Current:2.7A
Maximum Power:337 W (at 2,655 rpm, 172 oz-in, and 68A)
Stall Torque:2.42 N-m (343.4 oz-in)
Stall Current:133A
Mounting Holes:(4) #10-32 tapped holes on a 2" bolt circle
MiniCIM Specification Free Speed:6,200 rpm (+/- 10%)
Free Current:1.5A
Maximum Power:230 W
Stall Torque:12.4 in-lbs [1.4 N-m]
Stall Current:86A
Mounting Holes:(4) #10-32 tapped holes on a 2" bolt circle
BAG Specification Free Speed:14,000 rpm (+/- 10%)
Free Current:1.8A
Maximum Power:147 W
Stall Torque:3.5 in-lbs [0.4 N-m]
Stall Current:41A
Mounting Holes:(2) M4 tapped holes on a 25mm bolt circle
CAD Model

217-4347 (775pro) (STEP)
217-2000 (CIM Motor) (STEP)
217-3371 (Mini CIM) (STEP)
217-3351 (BAG Motor) (STEP)


217-4347 (775pro) (PDF)
217-2000 (CIM Motor) (PDF)
217-3371 (Mini CIM) (PDF)
217-3351 (BAG Motor) (PDF)


 775pro: 1.744” (44.3 mm) diameter, 2.602” (66.10 mm) long
CIM Motor: 2.5" 
MiniCIM Motor: 2.5” [63.5 mm] diameter, 3.36” [86 mm] long
BAG Motor: 1.59” [40.4 mm] diameter, 2.72” [69 mm] long


775pro: .8lbs
CIM Motor: 2.8 lbs 
MiniCIM Motor: 2.16 lbs [0.979 kg]
BAG Motor: 0.71 lbs [0.32 kg]