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Pneumatic Wheels

  • High Traction

  • Built in Suspension

  • 6" Diameter

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WCP is offering two different tires and hubs (Currently all are Hex Hubs). The "Treaded" pattern is a competition tested product used by teams such as FRC1114 & FRC330. The "Zizgag" pattern is a new product that we feel will give teams great traction and maneuverability .

Pneumatic Wheel Adapters!

These adapters allow seamless integration of an 8” diameter pneumatic tire onto a WCP 6” wheel hub. Simply slide the adapter onto the hub, and the 8” tire onto the adapter, and you’re good to go!

Tech Specs


Specification Bore: 1/2" Hex
Load Rating: Conservatively rated for use on 200 lb robots
Coefficient of Friction: TBD
Material Type Hub: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Tread: Rubber
CAD Model WCP-0049 (Diamond Tread Pneumatic Wheel Assembly) (STEP)
WCP-0049 (Diamond Tread Pneumatic Wheel with 8" Adapter Installed)(STEP)

WCP-0050 (ZigZag Tread Pneumatic Wheel Assembly) (STEP)
Drawing N/A
Weight WCP-0049 (6" Pneumatic Diamond Tread Wheel Hub (Aluminum - 1/2" Hex) : 0.327 lbs
WCP-0050 (6" Pneumatic ZigZag Tread Wheel Hub (Aluminum - 1/2" Hex) ): 0.279 lbs
WCP-0047 (6" Pneumatic Tire & Tube: Diamond Tread): 0.0 lbs
WCP-0046 (6" Pneumatic Tire & Tube: ZigZag): 0.0 lbs
WCP-0100 (6" to 8" Pneumatic Wheel Adapeter): 0.043 lbs