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Sensors for FRC!

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WCP Hall Effect

The hall effect board makes it easy to limit and home robot mechanisms, and can be used in place of any mechanical switch. The hall effect board detects when a magnet is near it, and switches on or off. The digital hall effect sensor is not sensitive to vibration or shock like mechanical switches, and won’t give false readings during robot movement. The board comes complete for easy FRC use, with two leds to give users a quick understanding of how their robot is functioning. The boards have #4 holes for mounting using #4 screws or .125" rivets.

A neodymium magnet is available for purchase and comes with a rivet hole in the center. This can easily be attached to almost robot mechanism.

WCP Spartan Sensor Board - MXP

This is a high quality Active MXP Breakout that is designed specifically for FIRST Robotics. It is a must have for teams that want reliable sensor output and an amazing heading of the robot. Features listed:

  • Dedicated Power Supply - Can go down to 4V minimum!
  • Dedicated Power for all Sensors and dedicated 4 pin ports for quadrature encoders
  • Latching connectors for all ports
  • High quality Gyro - Drifts between .25 and 2 degrees per 2 minutes. 
  • In C++ and Java, use the ADXRS450_Gyro class on SPI port 0 to access the gyro
  • Link to WCP Spartan Board Manual Here

Tech Specs


WCP Hall Effect Sensing Distance: .125" - 2"
Signal: Digital
Connector: 3x1 - .1" Header
Battery In: 5-6V 
CAD: WCP-0971 (Hall Effect Sensor Board) (STEP)
WCP-0030 (Magnet - .125" ID x .500" OD) (STEP)
WCP-0110 (WCP Dual Output Encoder (Incremental/Absolute)) (STEP)
WCP-0111 (WCP Absolute Encoder)(STEP)
Weights: WCP-0030 (Magnet - .125" ID x .500" OD): 0.0 lbs
WCP-0045 (WCP Spartan Sensor Board with Gyro): 0.0 lbs
WCP-0110 (WCP Dual Output Encoder (Incremental/Absolute)): 0.0 lbs
WCP-0111 (WCP Absolute Encoder): 0.0 lbs
WCP-0971 (Hall Effect Sensor Board): 0.0 lbs